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even a rose still has thorns by shinjistar
even a rose still has thorns
ahhh it seems i have not really been drawing lately but that's not true ; u ; i've been sketching and working on a lot of WIPs and whatnot, but i only post those on my instagram and art-tumblr...i just want to keep my deviantart "clean" and only post finished works here, but....looks like if i do that, i will only post something every 2 months //weeps

so i guess maybe i'll post some cleaner WIPs from time to time here too? 

anyways, lately i've been drawing a lot of stuff about my OCs...especially of this guy haha...
maybe some of you can remember him? :XD: it's a really rough sketch though so ugh there's lots of mistakes...

his full name is 桐谷竜夜 Kiritani Tatsuya ~ he looks all nice and prince-like here, but he' put it simply, quite a do-S (sadistic) bastard //please stay away from him ne :iconotlplz: 

he's aiori's lover, and she herself is very do-S, so maybe that's why she can keep him in check lol
i would write more about him, but it might get boring so i'll save it for another time ^^;

art, character (c) me
hey guys! 

here's just a journal to round up and list all the social media accounts i have and use ^o^ obviously, i use some more than others~
i've listed the site (and my username in parenthesis) + posted a link to it ^u^

please let me know if you follow/add me ~ i'll probably follow back on everything except maybe tumblr [sorry, i'm really picky with what i want on my dashboard...please don't take it personally if i don't follow you back ; u ; ]


★ instagram (shinjistar) - all my WIPs & sketches go here...however, it's also a personal account and i post a lot of selfies, pics of stuff i buy and places i go as well~ there are a lot of pics from my trip to japan over the summer here ^o^

★ personal tumblr blog (shinjistar) - (sometimes nsfw) this is my personal blog where i mainly reblog stuff relating to fandoms; my main fandoms being stuff like figure skating (mainly hanyu yuzuru), johnny's entertainment (mainly KAT-TUN + kamenashi), various japanese male idols/actors, gintama, free!, sengoku basara, etc. etc....i also love bad puns & weird but relatable text posts

★ art tumblr (shinjistar-rakugaki) - this is my "clean" blog, rather, i have designed it so it's only my art and wips and stuff (i think it's more professional looking). if you don't like my personal blog's fandoms but would like to see my art and stuff, you can just follow me here ^^

 paigeeworld (shinjistar) - kind of similar to my instagram, but i don't post selfies and personal pics here, only WIPs and finished arts [i upload much more slowly here though]

★ twitter (shinjistarxx) - be honest i don't recommend you follow me, i tweet about a lot of random things, and about half in english, half in japanese...i guess if you wanna see weird posts about hanyu yuzuru & also me ranting about...things (?) you can follow me? lol...i post art here sometimes, but it's just whatever i post on my instagram :P (Lick)

★ youtube (shinjistar) - i don't have much posted on here, maybe like 1 or 2 speedpaints...i plan on making more in the future, but nothing really concrete planned out 

★ pixiv (xxxshinjistarxxx) - for those who don't know, this is basically like a japanese art sharing website (there's an english beta version available too i think)...i personally prefer it to deviantart since i like many of the artists on there, and honestly i've been using pixiv for the past few years for reading doujinshi and stuff rather than posting my own art...everyone on pixiv is so good, i feel kind of embarrassed posting my art haha ; u ; however, there are some stuff posted :p (Lick) i have a lot of bookmarks on there, but most of the doujinshi i read are private bookmarks OTL (i'm worried people will judge me, sorry ;u; )

★ myanimelist (shinjistar) - basically tells you how much of my life i've wasted on various anime/manga....tbh it's kind of scary lol

★ myfigurecollection (shinjistar) - i haven't uploaded any pictures on here yet but i am slowly adding stuff to my day i'll sit down properly and add things :p (Lick)

i have a line, snapchat & as of recently, facebook as well, but i like to keep those confined to close/real life friends only, sorry Sweating a little...

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Only One... (Tamamori Yuta)
  • Watching: Free! Eternal Summer ep 8
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hey guys! as usual, i haven't written in forever....! not since i came back from japan haha...

this year it seems like summer came and....ended really abruptly!! i felt like it was only yesterday i came back from japan and then suddenly....what, school???? oAo

so yeah, i started school again earlier this week on monday.... ; u ; so today was the end of the first week!
this year i'm a junior, & while i do have a lot of extra stuff like SATs going on (haha, which i haven't really /seriously/ begun studying for...), i have a lighter course load ^o^ somewhat, at least~ it's kind of unnerving to realize i'm now an upperclassman ^^; ///////ofc i forever will look like a freshman or smth ugh

my schedule this year is:
1st period - free
2nd - AP chemistry
3rd - honors american literature
4th - math analysis (regular precalc)
5th - bilingual tutor for japanese [it's kind of like a TA?...anyways the class i have is japanese 2, so fairly easy stuff]
6th - japanese 4 honors
7th - regular US history 

i have really good teachers this year! chem has a lot of homework so far, but the teacher is very sweet and actually knowledgable!! <- i say this because last year my chem honors teacher seemingly knew /nothing/ about chemistry and she wouldn't even be able to answer our questions properly....not to mention her personality was terrible to us too :p

but yeah, the only classes i have to really do work for are AP chem & honors lit (im taking honors japanese too, but...our class isn't really legit lol...despite what sensei will say obviously :XD: )

honors lit isn't that bad so far either, (well, i love to write, so i don't ever see it as that bad, but)...although i don't really like the subject matter of the class this year, it's all about...well, american literature obviously, but it's just a lot of patriotic nationalistic stuff and idk i guess since i've been living in this country for like 10 years i'm used to it, but i just...don't really like it :XD: 

anyways, i obviously haven't been drawing much, mostly just sketching and starting wips but not finishing them haha
i don't really post WIPs here, so that's why i probably seem not that active here ^^; i don't want to clutter up my dA with wips, so i post them on my instagram and art-tumblr only~ sometimes twitter too, actually lol

i realize i have a lot of social media now (i probably have one of everything at this point), so i think soon i will make another journal compiling all the links and accounts i have so it's easier for people to find me ^o^

i guess i'll wrap up this scattered journal right now's like 2:20am OTL
good luck to everyone who started school already or is starting school soon :D

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Only One... (Tamamori Yuta)
  • Watching: Free! Eternal Summer ep 8
  • Drinking: water
on the high seas ++ by shinjistar
on the high seas ++

Once the seasons start over, I'll fall in love with you again

~ Emerald | 亀梨和也


does anyone even remember these OCs.... :iconheplz:

i got a sudden...."urge" to draw them, i guess? i'm glad i drew them after so long though, because now i'm able to see some improvement in my artwork, even from just one year ago ^^;

i think i challenged myself a little more with this piece, i haven't done anything with a proper "scenery" background in a while, nor have I drawn palm trees before OTL ///and i live in california omg

anyways, for those who don't remember, or simply don't know, these two are my OCs kotori and yuma (yes, i changed his hair a little bit), from a oneshot manga i did last year called Captain's Letters ~  I entered it in a local contest (having won the contest for the past 2 years), but unfortunately I didn't place ^^; while many speculated the judging last year was a little rigged, i still don't think i deserved to win anyways lol

but the oneshot helped me grow more as an artist, and i'm thankful for that opportunity :D
if you'd like to read it, (it's only 7 pages), the links are below:

cover (color):
cover (bw):
pg 1:
pg 2:
pg 3:
pg 4:
pg 5:
pg 6:
pg 7 [final]:

((///whispers/// can anyone find pilu in the background? haha))


materials used: copic multiliners 0.03 & 0.05mm, sakura white gelly roll pen, white acrylic paint, copic sketch & ciao markers, gold pitt artist pen

kotori, yuma (c) me

ballade no. 1 by shinjistar
ballade no. 1
this drawing (rather, sketch, since it's so messily coloured) is from like a month ago before i left for japan, and right after yuzu debuted his new short programme >u< i really like it! so graceful and elegant and the costume is great too! i hope he achieves great success this upcoming season just as he did in the last :D

also i learned that i can't use colour pencils for my life ;u;

sorry the photo is weird, i did it in my sketchbook and so i took a photo and then slapped a ton of filters on it and put it on my instagram first :XD:

hanyu yuzuru (c)....himself? lol
art (c) me


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